We Made Life Here For A Little While


495 Alameda St.
Altadena, CA

“We made life here for a little while” was a journey into my personal relationship with single family home ownership and an anxious look at the layers of attachment and care for 495 Alameda Street, Altadena; the Vielmetter’s house from 2000 to now. A house left vacant is actually never really empty. And this particular house with all its idiosyncratic structural decisions was very interesting to set out for consideration. It is here I lay out my research, interpretation, and experience; both the material and the intangible.

While I made the installation I thought about people I have shared physical space with and the connection that proximity can generate, loves that didn’t work in spite of meaningful intimacy, people I shared my body with and what kind of rapport that produces, and people’s bodies doing all of the above in living space.

I want to give an enormous thank you to Susanne and Jost for giving me the opportunity to do this project before their renovation of 495 Alameda Street. It is a privilege to be given access to the narratives of family and art that have taken place there. This house has become an embodiment of art and life evolving and in practice. From the gallery business that began modestly and has now afforded the Vielmetters the ability to redesign with architect Peter Zellner on this property, to their facilitating onsite art production, to the many artists that have resided here during exhibitions, and the many artists that have been employed to assist with the business and home alike. I have lots of excitement for 495 Alameda Street continuing as a dynamic and creative nexus of art and California living and am privileged to contribute my bit to that story.


Robert Wedermeyer photographed the installation.

Joe Hoyt did drawings of the house with some additions of my own.

Stephanie Allespach photographed Max and Niko getting imprinted with clay.

Fiona Connor photographed myself and Scott Barry getting imprinted with clay.

This project could not have come about without my wonderful community of artists, family and friends. I am shockingly fortunate to have their help and love and appreciate them all.

Thank you

Ariane Vielmetter

Brody Bailton

Fiona Connor

Joe Hoyt

Jost Vielmetter

Mario Correra


Max Matsu

Niko Jerrard

Olive Lind

Paul Soto

Peter Zellner

Scott Barry

Steph Lind

Stephanie Allespach

Susanne Vielmetter

Zach Kleyn