Roundhouse Shines


Clockshop and California State Parks Bowtie Residency
Los Angeles, CA

Camera and Editing: Roxy Farhat

Sound mix, recording, arrangement by Christopher Votek

Roundhouse Shines is a site-determined artwork using the neglected foundation of a historic train turn-around. For this work, Koumoundouros has constructed a 90+ food long wooden table that bisects the center of the roundhouse and mirrors the topography of the ground. Rectilinear benches made from salvaged rail yard planks line the table and shade canopies provide relief from the sun. The entire structure including the roundhouse floor and its native debris are coated in a multicolored gradient of acrylic house paint.

For the closing, Koumoundouros has conceived and produced a short performance where she will conduct 12-20 performers through a series of movements that engage the circular shape of the Roundhouse and it's river adjacent location. The piece is set to a soundscape of music, voices, and environmental noise, and will conclude with the performers feeding the audience. Guests are invited to bring picnic items for a late afternoon gathering at the Roundhouse Shines table following the performance.